A comforting, autumnal blend of fresh apple with warm, spicy notes of cinnamon & clove with a hint of sweet vanilla.

Diffusion Time: Up to 12 weeks.

Directions: Unscrew the bottle cap on a flat surface and pop out the white paper cap. Screw the cap back on and place the reed sticks that came with your diffuser into the bottle. Allow up to 24 hours for the fragrance oil to absorb into the reed stick and for the fragrance to permeate the air.

Once the ends become dry flip the reed sticks so that the saturated end is now in the air. The diffuser oil will continue to permeate the air creating a long-lasting luxurious scent.

Keep away from direct sunlight or other heat sources that may dry out the reed sticks.

Do not consume and keep away from children or pets. If the oil spills, clean up immediately, as the oils and resins may cause damage to certain furniture surfaces.

Spiced Apple & Cinnamon Hand Blended Scent Diffuser